GIF Booth – A Very Social Photobooth

Event Photos Australia take great pride in offering premium guest experiences for attendees of the events they’re photographing. We are proud to introduce a new guest experience which, in addition to our regular service of high-quality photographs, is sure to delight and surprise your guests.

Welcome to the GIF Booth!


What Exactly Is A GIF Booth?

You’ll recall the photo booth that’s been a stayer of the event photography, conference photography and awards photography scene for quite a while. A cute background, some quirky props and then a branded, polaroid-style printout at the end. It’s old technology

The GIF Booth blows the photo booth right out of the water in terms of excitement, engagement and usability. This is the kind of technology that will really make your next big event memorable for your guests.


How Does The GIF Booth Work?

The GIF Booth is a portable, yet sturdy, user experience that creates brief moving images; it’s like the Boomerang function on Instagram where frames move back and forth quickly). Your event attendees can then use social media technology to share to their followers.

GIF Booth uses an incredibly flattering halo light to paint your event patrons in the best light possible! There are a variety of branded selections they can choose from (all of which will feature EXACTLY the specific branding you’ve approved. There are also some super cool effects to really get the fun flowing!

These images are DESIGNED for social media sharing. This is definitely new- school tech! The very nature of the final product means that attendees will be instantly posting these all over their social media followers. Their followers and friends will see how much fun they’re having with YOUR brand. The more shares these images get, the more eyes on your brand.

You’ll be a social media sensation without lifting a finger. That’s damn good PR.


What can this social photobooth do?

Social Booth Hire includes:

  1. Includes customised Branding
    • Photo borders branding with your company logo.
    • Password protected web gallery branding
  2. Captures photos, GIF or Boomerang images.
  3. Images sent instantly via email.


Benefits & Features:

  • Enable social media sharing.
  • Customisable online branded gallery.
  • Share stations to cut down on waiting time.
  • Customisable photo border.
  • Showcase live slideshow of photos at event.
  • Digital Props.
  • Easy Setup.

Optional Extra:

  • Optional Onsite Printing.
  • Custom data capture – has a custom data capture form creator allowing you to customize what information you capture from your guests. This includes; number fields, text fields, drop downs, multiple select and more.
  • Green Screen & Digital Animated backdrop.


Event Analytic Report – Event organiser will receive a comprehensive report and access to all images and data collected from the event.

Event Gallery – Event Gallery for client access

Live Slideshow Gallery – Great to showcase the images live at the event and project onto big screen.


When Is The GIF Booth Available?

At the moment, we’re happy to announce that our GIF Booth technology is in Melbourne and Perth.  We’ll be expanding the use of the GIF Booth to all the other areas we photograph soon so please watch this space.


Choosing a GIF Booth for your next event

The GIF Booth is fun, very cool and totally transformative. It’s memorable, positive and hilarious. Your guests will have a great time with this technology and, what’s more, they’ll forever associate your brand with their excellent time.


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