Your Team

We're a little different...

We’re at the forefront of innovation in online marketing integration across social media and tailored web applications.

We have the know-how to help you create photo opportunities, bringing your brand to life in every image.

You name it, we’ve covered it. Trade shows, conferences, concerts, gala dinners, product launches and congresses. We know the events business because it’s our business.

We work with you. Do you have a creative brief? Or would you like us to be involved in your brainstorming? When great minds come together, well, the proof is in the pictures!

Communication. We said it. And we mean it. Enough said.

We provide you with one clear point of contact throughout your project, leaving you to get on with the work you have to do. One item ticked off your list!

We guarantee our work; budgeting, planning and project management, professionalism at your event, selection, editing and distribution of each and every image, preparation of your files with the utmost care and attention to detail. It’s the entire experience, and we guarantee it will be great.

Did we say we’re all professional event photographers? It doesn’t hurt to say it again! You can’t beat experience.

Give us a call, 1300 740 705.