Our Story

What makes us different?

OUR STORY is one of a guy with a camera and an idea. It started there, and it became Australia’s most recognised professional event photography company.

Pat from Event Photos Australia Event Photos Australia was founded by Pat Brunet in 2004. As a professionally trained photographer, he found his niche in the world of events. Spending several years travelling, shooting and editing shots ‘til the wee hours in his hotel rooms, he noticed that the events business needed a higher standard of service. One that was founded on knowledge that can only come from capturing countless conferences, galas, product launches, concerts and parades.

Pat’s vision was to push boundaries and borders to bring real event photography expertise to clients Australia-wide. He collaborated with like-minded photographers, he engaged with the professional events industry, and he built a truly national event photography service offering exceptional results to clients who take their event photography investment seriously.

Today Event Photos Australia, with its own photo entertainment brand, Sircle Studios, is leading the way in professional event photography. The range of services is arguably the broadest and most flexible in the market, and it keeps on growing. Pat himself has been actively engaged in improving standards in the industry and providing practical insights for event organisers through eventphotosblog.com.au

Event Photos Australia has come a long way, with an ever expanding range of services, innovative photo entertainment integration, and most importantly, outstanding project management and creative collaboration.

We invite you to explore Event Photos Australia’s services, keeping in mind that when you contact us, we will provide a considered approach, offering services tailored to give you the results you need and more.

That’s why we are the photographers for event professionals. Now let’s get snapping!