Corporate Headshots

Business Headshots & Portraits

The corporate headshot is a necessity. It seems like such a small thing, but to the marketer or event organiser, it can be a surprisingly tricky task. First, there’s the challenge of getting people in the same place at the same time … then there’s minimising their time commitment, making them feel comfortable, ensuring they are presented in a flattering and consistent light and (importantly) – ensuring a quality outcome across ALL the resulting images.

That small necessity doesn’t seem like such a small task. But we can help. Our photographers have done this many times before. We can set up our professional studio in your workplace, giving everyone the chance to get on with their day rather than waiting around at a studio.

We can also provide a consistent outcome, even when further shoots are required. We do this by managing the setup of the shoot meticulously, including the background, the lighting and the poses.

Whether it is a clean white backdrop or a dark feel for the final result – we’ll shoot to your brief and you will be able to view the photos onsite to make your selections.



So, you’re having trouble getting people to have their headshots taken at once? They are all out of the office, flying around, on holidays etc. Well how about this for clever … set up a corporate headshot booth at your event!

If you’re running a company conference or other business gathering, we can set up the shoot in parallel to the capture of the event itself. Guests can come and have their photo taken at any time, and they can even walk away with a print or a digital file via email.

Offering free headshots at events can be a great way to attract visitors to a tradeshow stand or other display. Imagine offering your guests an image they can use in their own business as a thank you for their time? The power of pictures can help your event climb the corporate ladder!


Your event photography investment

Your event is your event. We can offer you a number of options for you based on the information you provide us – but obviously, the more you tell us, the more specific we can be. Factors such as how you require the images (prints or digitally), the duration of your event, its location and of course your individual expectations will affect our cost proposal.

To a request a proposal, with no obligation to proceed, please use the Online Contact Form, or feel free to call us for a chat on 1300 740 705.