Conference Photography

Conference Photographers that understand what it's all about

The business of business gatherings – it’s serious business.
We get it, and we’ll bring our business brains to the table (or theatre, or exhibition – you get our drift).

If your company is hosting a conference, tradeshow, annual meeting or exhibition, chances are your guests are in a very different mindset to those at a party or concert. They are there to exchange ideas, learn, display, network, and generally, put their own best foot forward. The brief for capturing these events is very specific each time, but we know from experience we can wow every guest.

We believe this is the area our strength in collaboration serves its greatest purpose. Before we plan anything, we take it upon ourselves to understand your business objectives.

What is this event about? How often does it occur? Why do other business people get involved? Is there a human resources agenda, a sales agenda, or perhaps your event is in the interest of contributing to your specific industry. Well we want to know! That way we can ensure every single one of your needs is covered off, and then some.


Here are just a few things we are sure to consider and discuss with you in planning your event shoot:


Your event photography investment

Your event is your event. We can offer you a number of options for you based on the information you provide us – but obviously, the more you tell us, the more specific we can be. Factors such as how you require the images (prints or digitally), the duration of your event, its location and of course your individual expectations will affect our cost proposal.

To a request a proposal, with no obligation to proceed, please use the Online Contact Form, or feel free to call us for a chat on 1300 740 705.