Why Your Next Party Needs a Green Screen

Chroma key backdrops, otherwise known as green screens, are stealing the show at more and more events these days. Savvy event photographers and casual party hosts alike can count on these high-tech props to bring people together, engage every guest, create fun memories, and one-of-a-kind keepsakes. From rented photobooths to hanging canvases and tables full of accessories, green screens are an interactive and unique way to immortalise your special event.

Old-School Photobooths

Green Screen Photobooth

Since the rise of digital cameras, smartphones, and social media sharing, everyone has a camera at their fingertips. But not everyone has the skills or tools that it takes to create custom backgrounds, stage hilarious group shots, or convince everyone in the room to take the time to pose. That’s where the throwback appeal of a real-life photo booth comes in. Now, they can even include green screens.

The enclosed space of the photo vestibule makes it even easier to control the final look of your nostalgic photo strips. In a photo booth with green screen technology, you can create scenes that are even cooler than your childhood keepsakes, and much more realistic and original than any Instagram filter. Impress guests by letting them choose their own backgrounds, frames, and landscapes. This is one party favour no one will want to ditch.

Prop & Accessories Tables

Green Screen Props

If your party has a theme, it’s easy to fill a card table with props, signs, and accessories that capture it. Set it up near a wall or green screen stand, where the green screen will go. Guests can pick their favourite objects, pull friends into the frame, and strike poses in front of a background that can be absolutely anything you want it to be. Unlike photobooths, you won’t be able to show them the results automatically. Instead, you can surprise your friends later by printing or posting the final edited images.

For example, if you unroll a red carpet and rope off a “photo shoot” area, you can transform your office get-together into a Hollywood-style cocktail party. Just insert a real red carpet premiere into the background of your image. Meanwhile, if you cap off yet another carefree summer with a beach house bash, you can request sunsets, sunrises, giant Hawaiian waves, or even a luau scene.

Green screen photography can be formal, casual, or anything in between. The endless possibilities make it a versatile and cost-effective addition to your next big event. Transport you and your guests to any setting, era, or memory, limited only by your imagination and your ability to pick out the perfect backdrop to replace all that bright green.

Here’s one of our green screen team!

Green Screen Team


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