Experiential marketing using Photo Entertainment

  • Nickelodeon Slimefest - Paddlepop Activation
  • Lend Lease Carnival Activation
  • Lifebroker at AFL Activation
  • Call of Duty Activation
  • Gold Coast Suns AFL Activation for HostPlus
  • Gears of War at EB Games Expo Activation
  • Alpinestars Moto GP Activation
  • Coca Cola Activation

Experiential marketing is a form of advertising that focuses primarily on helping consumers experience a brand – loosely defined as messaging you can touch, feel or view in a physical space.

While traditional advertising communicates the brand and product benefits, experiential marketing tries to immerse the consumers within the product by engaging as many other human senses as possible. The goal of experiential marketing is to form a memorable and emotional connection between the consumer and the brand so that it may generate customer loyalty and influence purchase decision.

Experiential Marketing & Photography

We’ve all seen the popularity of photobooths in recent years – there’s hardly a wedding or function where a photobooth isn’t tucked away in the back of the room. But there is so much more you can bring to your activation than sitting in a booth with some silly props.

There are huge benefits for a brand wanting to engage with new and loyal consumers and there is nothing like driving home these interactions with a brand than a fun activation where consumers can take home something from the experience – we all love a free photo!

Share the Love

Once you have the consumers’ attention let them shout out their experience using social media. We are in an ever so connected world and we like to share our lives as it happens – so let consumers share their photos while still at the activation using social media sharing stations.

Send photos to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email or upload it to your own event microsite for guests to login and share. Don’t forget to include your #hashtag!

Take it away

Don’t let your consumers walk away with nothing but a memory. It’s possible for guests to walk home with a printed photo of themselves while participating with your activation. Attach your brand message, your hashtag or even a special offer they can use with the product or service – make your marketing work for you.

But wait, there’s more!

Experiential marketing photography can be more the offering your consumers something to remember their experience with. Event coverage of your activation allows a photographer to capture real consumers interacting with your brand.

Virgin Mobile Brisbane Store Activation. Staff Republic. Photo By Pat Brunet/Event Photos Australia

Virgin Mobile Activation. Photo By Pat Brunet/Event Photos Australia

Such images can be used for a live feed to your social media, creating buzz and attracting more people to your activation site. Powerful hero images can also be used for PR stories and even future marketing in the digital and print space.

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